eCommerce Is Rapidly Developing

in the world as more and more retailers are setting up their online stores and shoppers changing their lifestyles and consumption patterns. With over 4.5 billion e-shoppers, the eCommerce rate of penetration in Hong Kong had been 59.8% in 2018 & is expected to be 72.6% in 2022. With eCommerce sales increasing steadily, it is expected to reach 5.4 billion by next year.

Are you an eCommerce seller? Need help with your shipping solutions? We at Cargoholic International Limited can make your business, be it B2B or B2C easy by offering you a quick, accurate, scalable, efficient and affordable logistic solutions. Our aim is to provide you a streamlined and hassle-free logistics experience so that you can have a smooth ride with your online presence…

What we do?

E-commerce, also called interment commerce or electronic commerce, mainly refers to the selling and buying of items or services through online and transfer of data and money for executing transactions. It has a number of advantages. E-commerce is a great platform of growing business. Let’s take a closer look at e-commerce order fulfilment and shipping solutions.

  • Courier express

    Courier express

    We provide competitive solutions by integrating various courier companies, using their benefits. We enjoy the privilege of priority right in all the postal offices, aviation departments and customs. Moreover, there isn’t any fuel surcharge required.

  • Postal Packets

    Postal Packets

    We offer economical postal services tailored for the senders of parcels but there are a few restrictions on the weight & sizes. However, with competitive pricing & stable delivery speed, our service has widely been welcomed by the online sellers as their international shipment method. We have two kinds of postal services – normal airmail service and registered airmail service.

  • Parcel Customs Clearance

    Parcel Customs Clearance

    When you are shipping your goods to US or any EU nation by Cargoholic you can have a complete peace of mind that you will get a quick & compliant customs clearance whether that be through air, sea, rail, truck or courier as we have strong connections with customs clearance companies. We have an extensive knowledge & experience when it comes to dealing with parcel customs clearance services. We offer a smooth customs support. There is same day clearance service & handling of the parcel to the carriers in our warehouse. We also work strongly with Shenzhen warehouses for parcel cooperation.

  • Multimodal Service

    Multimodal Service

    We offer quick delivery service to businesses and personal users by using our multimodal transport. We use more than one kind of transportation service to take your goods to the final destination making the movement of your cargo faster & more efficient. We use combined transport like airplanes, ships, trains, trucks, couriers or postal services for delivery. For example, for a faster & efficient service our clients use our combined transport services of air freight, courier express and truck distribution shipping from Hong Kong to US/EU Courier custom clearance and distribution.

  • General Cargo And Regular Shipment

    General Cargo And Regular Shipment

    We often help the online sellers who are our customers with general cargo clearance. They use our general cargo and regular shipping methods for lower cost and shipping in bulk. In fact 60% of our present customers find this general cargo shipment process to be very much adaptable and so they ship non-bulk cargo such as furniture, chemicals, foods, machinery, footwear, motor-and military vehicles and garments in truck-size intermodal containers to smaller ports & terminals, which don’t have shoreside loading as well as unloading equipment.

    To make your eCommerce logistics easy try out our services. We are an eCommerce order fulfilment and shipping solutions company.

E-commerce services

  • FBA Prep & Inspection:

    FBA Prep & Inspection:

    We adhere to the stringent rules of Amazon concerning the FBA (Fullfilled by Amazon) program. Before we ship your goods to the Amazon warehouse we do all these things to prevent sanction on your Amazon account, fines or negative rating.

  • FNSKU Labeling

    FNSKU Labeling

    Since your items need to have a FNSKU label to be identified in the Amazon warehouses, we attach the label as per Amazon’s request.

  • Additional Labeling

    Additional Labeling

    We ensure that your units should have the logo of your company, the manufacturing & expiry dates, and the safety labels to meet the customs requirements in
    an adequate manner.

  • Poly Bag

    Poly Bag

    We ensure that your individual or consolidated units are inserted as well as securely sealed in the polybags for safety

  • Re-packaging


    We remove your products from the existing package if needed & repackage them to a new one that’s provided by you as per the requirements.

  • Re-boxing


    We can even remove all your units from original cartons & repack in the Amazon compliant carton as per the requirements.

  • Product Inspecting And Testing

    Product Inspecting And Testing

    open the packaging and inspect the inside the units to ensure that no illegal items are shipped and that the products complies with the quality control regulations.

  • Photography


    We provide professional photography for Amazon listing for lending credibility & empowering the consumers to take purchasing decisions confidently.
    Once the goods are shipped to the Amazon warehouse, it is their professionals who will then pick, pack and ship, and provide customer service for these products.

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To make your E-commerce logistics easy try out our services. We are an eCommerce order fulfilment and shipping solutions company.
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