As a reputed air freight forwarding company, Cargoholic International Limited ensures to deliver shipments on time, every time and safely to different locations in the world. Each of our shipments are handled with great precision and care by our experts so that your goods reach your destination safely.

Our air freight import & expert services

Air freight forwarding solutions we provide are in air-sea, sea-air & air-air services with consolidation in the main trade routes. And the services we take pride in include:

  • Handling charters
  • Dangerous goods
  • on board courier for time sensitive and critical cargo or documents
  • courier carton/parcel shipments
  • pickup from door and delivery of the freight
  • deferred shipments using flexible routing
  • airport warehouse transfer
  • packing & crafting services
  • In-bond trucking/bonded trucking
  • HAZMAT cargo handling
  • documentations and customs clearance
  • denied party screening
  • air cargo insurance
  • consular certification, documentary & legalisation services
  • letter of credits and certificates of origin
  • agreements related to space allocation

Special freight forwarding solutions

  • shipment of luxury cars
  • out-of-gauge air freight services for any oversized cargo.
  • expedited services like onboard courier, charter aircraft and same day air freight service
  • DAP, DDP and DDU services

Cargoes/commodities exported by air

The cargoes or commodities that are exported by air include but aren’t limited to valuable electronics, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, medications & immunisations, medical equipment, perishables (vegetables and fruits), machinery, security equipment, foood, vitamins, oil and gas, aircraft parts, auto parts, turbines, automobiles, computer equipment and more. We can also handle dangerous goods (DG) or hazardous cargoes such as corrosives, flammable solids and liquids, gases, oxidising substances, corrosives, infectious and toxic substances and other kinds of miscellaneous dangerous goods.

If you want to ship your goods in a fast, safe and efficient manner, opt for our air
freight transportation. With our air freight solutions you will be able to get the
following advantages:

  • Lessen the logistics expense for time-critical or urgent logistical challenges
  • a smooth as well as effectual customs clearance in all the major airports
  • an efficient, reliable & friendly service
  • door to door & airport to door service
  • daily 1,100 all-cargo and scheduled passenger flights flights between Hong Kong and 190 destinations worldwide. As of 2018, Hong Kong signed air services agreements with sixty-eight aviation partners.